Sadly The Great British Bake Off has convinced many people who can barely work an oven that they can turn their hands to creating masterpieces in sponge and icing. The results of these failed experiments in cake may be inedible, but fortunately for us they are often hilarious too. A sure-fire way to spoil the big day, here are the top five worst wedding cakes of 2016…

The Halloween Themed Cake

This creepy offering disproves the theory that all themed parties are fun. It’s hard to know what was going through their heads when they decided to fuse ‘the happiest day of your life’ with some seriously disturbing severed fingers.

The Budget Cake with the Spelling Mistake

We know how expensive weddings can be, but they didn’t have to cut this many corners. Unless the bride’s a keen gardener, we’re not sure she’ll be too happy celebrating her ‘weeding’ day with this monstrosity.

The Cake Which Doesn’t Live up to its Picture

But it looked so good in the glossy magazine! Never have high expectations when it comes to seeing your dream cake recreated by the local bakery, because this is what you get for raising your hopes…

The Cake for the Donut Enthusiast

There’s a time and a place for donuts, and this isn’t it. The rather tragic little bride and groom atop the mountain of grease and sugar is not a pretty sight.

The Abstract Art Cake

The Bake Off has spawned some pretty outlandish ‘artistic’ confectionary, but there are simply no words to describe this…

Let these stand as a warning to anyone planning their big day – beware the would-be Mary Berry with the icing gun and over-active imagination. Cake is a truly terrifying thing in the wrong hands.

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