Romance Check – 8 Personalised Wedding Ideas

| 3rd May 2016

The key to injecting romance into your Wedding is to simply personalise it wherever possible this help guide will give you some sassy tips into how to do it the sweetest way possible. We know Weddings are full of traditions so make yours, yours and steal some of these creative ideas for your big day

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1 Use table numbers that have a particular significance to your relationship.

Pick numbers that are significant to you and your partner. So things like the date you both met (5), the date you tied the knot (16), how many children you have or would like (3), combined height in inches (132), the door number of the love nest (75) and a few others. Write a phrase underneath explaining the odd number choice & personal meaning.

2. Have each guest write a date night idea on a ice lolly stick for your “date night jar.”

Try to do one a month of these it will keep your relationship fun and remind you of your big day.

3. Have a fun first dance announcement and save it to a CD

TFS does a personal X factor style announcement request brochures for further info, this can also be a cute reminder play it unexpectedly at home and take yourselves right back to that moment. Remember you always gotta keep the sparkle in the relationship!

4. To give your guests something sweet to read, display a relationship timeline chalkboard.

Maybe put this up in the toilets so the Wedding theme continues on in there, put on it significant dates such as: date you both met, first kiss, met the parents, popped the question, engagement party those sort of things

5.  Make your favours relate to your relationship

Met on a night out? Opt for our ‘Take a shot we tied the knot’ Wedding favours and an explanation ‘Shots always lead to good things… request brochures for further information

6.  As part of your ceremony, seal love notes and a bottle of the champagne the type you are drinking on the day into a box to enjoy on your 10th anniversary.

Its nice to build a keepsake that can take you right back to a special moment.

7. Surprise the groom with a hidden message on the back of his tie.

Brides make this yourselves and sew it on by hand; your groom needs the special Wedding touches to his outfit as well as you, and knowing men his Wedding tie will probably become a work one so now he has a constant reminder of you (hehe)

 8. Surprise the bride with a hidden message on the back of her shoes

Groom’s this is a must brides need the fairy-tale so make her Cinderella slippers that extra bit special with this she will already idolise them and with a touch from you they’ll end up her most prized possession.