With the wedding season in full swing you’ve probably had to dust down your best outfit a fair few times over the past couple of months. Have you ever noticed that no matter how many weddings you attend, there are certain characters who always seem to put in an appearance? We have. Here are the five undesirables you’re almost guaranteed to encounter…

The Creepy Distant Family Member

The bride’s disturbing uncle with his dirty jokes, the groom’s second cousin who can’t keep his hands to himself on the dancefloor – every family has at least one. They have to be invited to ensure family honour is satisfied, but everyone wishes they hadn’t RSVPed.

The Under-Dressed One

Everyone struggles to decipher what ‘smart-casual’ means, but there’s always someone who rocks up looking like they’ve made zero effort. Weddings may not be as formal as they used to be, but the two day-old jeans and t-shirt are still a no-no.

The One Who Couldn’t Find a Babysitter

It’s inevitable. There’s always one couple who bring along their badly-trained tots, who’ll run up and down the aisle during the service then stick their fingers in the cake when the happy couple’s backs are turned. Delightful.

The Chain Smoker

Popping out once or twice is fine, but this person seems to spend most of the reception skulking behind the bushes having yet another crafty smoke.

The One Who Won’t Stop Talking

Whoever the genius was behind the seating arrangements, they’ve put this person next to you. If it’s not their holiday in Tenerife, it’s their successful children or their opinion on how long the marriage will last, and on and on. It’s almost worth preparing for this eventuality by taking a pair of earplugs.