The producers behind the hit TV show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ are on the hunt for a Liverpool couple with nerves of steel to wed on national telly, as they gear up for the big switch from the BBC to Sky.
Plucky grooms chosen to be on the show will now be handed £14,000 to plan what they think will be their bride’s dream wedding in just a matter of weeks – and there’s sure to be fireworks with the producers looking for daring scouse contestants!
With mountains of pressure on the groom to plan a budget-friendly day that his fiancée will remember for all the right reasons, The Function Suite offers the perfect venue for the day’s festivities.
We’ve seen enough of the hit show to know that grooms often spend much of their allotted planning time running around like headless chickens, trying to arrange music, catering, balloons and more, from a catalogue of different suppliers. Here at The Function Suite, we offer a comprehensive package that ticks all the boxes, so grooms can relax knowing that everything from venue dressing to photography is covered by our top team.
Our versatile venue can be adapted to your needs, so if you’re planning a particular wedding theme, we’ll work with grooms in this short time-frame to bring your ideas to life. From Vegas-style casino weddings to Alice in Wonderland tea parties, the only limit is your imagination… and your budget!
Do you know a scouse duo who’d provide plenty of laughs on the show? If you think their relationship can stand this great test, applications are open on the BBC website now. Check out our ‘Weddings’ page for further details on our services.

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