Baby Shower Craze, Trends & Games

| 21st March 2016



The baby shower craze has definitely reached its high point at the minute with so much effort and extravagance going into the new arrivals first event even before it’s born! Often Mother’s, Sister’s or Best Friends take the role with pride to deliver such a fantastic shower for the Mum-to-be. At The Function Suite our professional events coordinator can help with all of the planning stages of the baby shower to ensure the perfect afternoon is created, even so much as creating some of the games to pump some fun into the day listed below are some typical games to give you some ideas:

  • Guess what’s  filled the nappy
  • Baby Bingo
  • Pin the dummy on the baby
  • Guess the bump measurement

A baby quiz is another good one to get the competitive streak going in your guests below is a template from The Function Suite that you can use for any baby showers you are having or hosting.

Lots of Love & Enjoy.

Baby Shower Quiz

Below is a list of baby related questions the person with the most correct answers will win a prize, best of luck girls!


Question 1: What are the names of Kourtney Kardashian’s children?


Question 2: What is the name of a baby turtle?


Question 3: Write down as many songs with the word baby in, in 60 seconds.


Question 4: Who is this celebrity baby?


Question 5: Who sings the song “Don’t Call Me Baby”


Question 6: What were ______ first words??


Question 7: What age is the oldest woman to ever give birth?


Question 8: According to the old nursery rhyme children born on what day are fair of face?


Question 9: Babies are born without which body part?


Question 10: Complete the following well-known phrase

“ Nobody puts baby in the _________”


If you would like some information on hosting a baby shower at The Function Suite please contact us details are listed on the website of how to do so.