12 Golden Wedding Tips You’ll be Glad Someone Told You Before the Big Day

| 7th March 2016

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 A wedding to a bride is something she has dreamt of since she was a little girl so the desire for utter perfection for her big day is vital, therefore us girls need to stick together and give out our top bridal tips to avoid bridezilla making  a special appearance. As a Wedding Planner I have seen it all and therefore I consider myself the messiah when it comes to little bids to ensure we minimise the drama and maximise perfection so here as follows…


The Pre-Stage Tips

1. Get your ring professionally cleaned.

This is usually a free service from jewellers and really adds the dazzle to your ring; perfect for the photos and to show all those family members who have yet to see your diamond rock in the flesh.

2. Learn how to respectfully say no, because you will almost certainly have to during the planning stages.

No bride wants her to-be mother in law’s dusty old veil from 1960’s or a ugly “lucky” necklace that will ruin her whole look, sometimes some family members (normally the other halves) can be a tad overbearing in their involvement in the wedding and therefore I urge you to starting the ‘no-ing’ from the very start, it’s the only way to keep it polite and avoid an irruption when it matters most.

3.Try your dress on the day before your wedding.

Although this sounds last minute I would recommend your last dress fitting to be the day before- we all have mega diet expectations of definitely loosing those last pounds and it doesn’t always happen therefore to avoid an uncomfortable day play it safe and check the day before.

4. You’ll need three pairs of shoes: slippers for getting ready, heels for the ceremony, and flats for the DANCING.

No bride needs her bunions to be burning on her wedding therefore when feet is concerned I recommend total organisation of shoe categories slippers to prepare, heels for the ceremony and early reception and flats to repair for the dancing.  At The Function Suite we actually offer flip flop stands for all the guests to make sure we have a full dance floor all night, please see our brochure’s for more details.

5. Speaking of wedding shoes, you’ll want to break them in before you wear them down the aisle.

No one wants icky blisters for their honeymoon, so I recommend a minimum 4-hour stint (around the house obviously as we don’t want the bottoms to be worn) in those bridal bad boys every week, for a month to ensure we can last the longest in our Cinderella glass slippers.

6. Make an “I MUST NOT FORGET” bag(s) before you leave for your wedding.

This includes all of your essentials and all of your ‘in case of emergency’ items; you may also want to appoint a bridesmaid to make sure you do not forget it.

Wedding Day LIVE Tips 5-10

7. Give someone the task of feeding you morning of.

Empty Stomach + Butterflies + Champagne is not a good mix for a Bride and seeing as the last two are inevitable we must make an effort to do our part where possible and eat something, as you will be too busy being prepped and pampered leave up to the bridesmaids to knock you up something delish, this is also a time to be a total princess and even request for them to feed you it whilst you are being made over- you are only a bride once after all, make it count!

8. Appoint someone you trust as your “designated texter” for the actual day.

This is a big must, no bride needs to hear the excuses of a family members non-attendance nor do they need a random sales call or a dentist appointment reminder these unnecessary calls are definitely not ones to be taken by brides, if you’ve planned thoroughly which you definitely will have if you’ve booked in with The Function Suite as our events coordinator will have you covered therefore ditch the phone to one of your bridesmaids and be in the moment of your big day-Facebook and Instagram can definitely wait till the day after.

9. Put on a little hand cream before heading down the aisle.

Whether it’s the heat, nerves or the stress, you or your spouse’s fingers could swell up, giving you a hell of a time trying to get that ring on- be prepared.

10. The easiest way to pee in a wedding dress is to sit on the toilet backward, facing the wall.

A pee stain on your wedding dress would be a catastrophe therefore I urge you to take a backwards position when going the loo it may sound a little dramatic but a wedding dress disaster is the worst of them all therefore my motto is ‘don’t take the chance, change the peeing stance!”

 The Post Stage Tips

11. Go on your honeymoon a day after the Wedding.

On films we see the bride and groom drive away after the Wedding far into the sunset to their honeymoon but in reality we really just aren’t that much of a superwoman to last the whole day with being married, drinking, dancing, AND fully packed for the holiday of a lifetime therefore I advice that you and your new husband should have a good nights sleep and travel the next day to avoid your first day of the holiday feeling like you’ve been robbed by energy thieves.

12. Write your thank you notes as you open each of your gifts.

This way you’ll know whether to put ‘love from’ to generous people and ‘from’ for the not so generous- I’m joking but it is definitely worth doing as you open that way you know everyone has been accounted for and dutifully thanked for their wonderful gifts.